1 GRAND OPENING OF THE SEASON Parade and COMPETITION of watercraft on the Giżycko (Łuczański) canal, CONCERTS of shanties & folk, 13.00 TYMON TYMAŃSKI, Opening of the regatta season, a painting exhibition in Ekomarina

2 All National Family Runs and a Garrison Family Festival, city forest

3 Championship of Giżycko in Boule “100 throws for 100 years of Independent Poland” at Roger Goemaere’s park

19 NIGHT OF MUSEUMS in Boyen Fortress

25-27 DAYS OF GIŻYCKO 2018 Friday city beach CONCERTS 20.00 RED LIPS, 21.45 KAMIL BEDNAREK, Recreational city of Radio 5 – open air studio with competitions and attractions Station “Radio 5 TRAIL”, District Celebration of Fireman’s Day, a mobile point of the Giżycko Citizen Budget and Giżycko Inhabitant Card pl. M.J. Piłsudski, Saturday Open Day BOYEN FORTRESS, 19th Giżycko Regatta Government-Local Government “On the occasion of 100 years of Independent Poland”, Sunday Amateur Strong Man competition, first showing of the Giżycko episode of at the Nowa Fala Cinema



1 Children’s Day Festival Katarynka Theatre a show tent with attractions, city beach

15-17 THREE FISH CUP Optimist class regatta, Niegocin lake by Ekomarina

23 ST. JOHN’S FAIR city beach CONCERTS 0600 pm MEGITZA BAND, Skansen Band, Folk Music Theatre Pohostyna (Dubno)

24 Feast of Partner Cities Bordering cultures” city beach 13.00 CONCERTS Dubno (Ukraine) Folk Music Theatre Pohostyna, Folk Band Namysto, Folk Music Theatre Muzyczeńky, Bandura Players Malwy and saxophonist Sofija Melnyczok, (Trakai Lithuania) Lisabeth’s Band, (Grodzisk Mazowiecki) Youth Brass Band, (Varena Lithuania) Gruda Band, 15.00 FUTURE FOLK

25-28 Handicapped Sailors’ Championship of Poland, Kisajno lake MCŻiTW

29-1.07 Water Sports Festival for Handicapped Persons Kisajno lake MCŻiTW

29 (do 1.07) OLD TIMER DAYS OF GIŻYCKO Sailors’ Week in Giżycko Port Ekomarina Giżycko

29 (do 1.07) Water Sports Festival for Handicapped Persons Kisajno lake MCŻiTW

30 SILENT DISCO city beach



1 St. Bruno’s Festival HANDICRAFTS, CUISINE, CONCERT Kapela Praska Port Passage

4-7 GIŻYCKO Baroque FESTIVAL CONCERTS 4 July “Sacrum. Salve Regina” concert in the church, Early Music Ensemble La Tempesta from Warsaw directed by Kuba Burzyński, Anna Fijałkowska – mezzo-soprano, Kuba Burzyński – countertenor 5 July “Profanum. Music for the while” concert at dusk on “Olimpia” ship Philippa Hyde (England) – soprano, Masovia Consort, 6 July „Handlovearias about love from opera by G.F.Handle, GCK auditorium, Philippa Hyde-soprano, Bartosz Rajpold – countertenor, Masovia Baroque Orchestra, concert master – Mikołaj Zgółka, 7 July music by water and final concert “BAROQUE in the Great Lakes Region” city beach Ph.Telemann, suite Wassermusic and Don Quichotte, Philippa Hyde & Masovia Baroque Orchestra


13-14 Sailors’ and Marine Song Festival SHANTIES WITH FOLK” Friday competition “Little shanties for children” and a concert by KLANG, Saturday Concert by Stars: KLANG, DOMINIKA ŻUKOWSKA & ANDRZEJ KORYCKI, BANANA BOAT, MIETEK FOLK, DUAN city beach

14 ZET CAFE STUDIO at Ekomarina, Cycling Feast in Giżycko city beach

15 “Giżycko Island Cup” in street runs and Zawiszak Run starting at Port Ekomarina

15 Feast of the 15th Armoured Brigade in Giżycko

19-21 MAZURY HIP–HOP FESTIVAL Boyen Fortress (tickets)

26-29 Motorcycle Show at Boyen Fortress 27 July MOTORCYCLE PARADE

28 JAZZ ON NIEGOCIN LAKE Port Ekomarina 48h (smooth jazz), STANLEY BRECKENRIDGE (USA) & JBBO



VISA SUMMER CINEMA film shows on Wednesdays and Thursdays, Port Ekomarina

International Organ and Chamber Music Festival Sundays Evangelist Church

Throughout the year a good cinema is of course available at KINO NOWA FALA



3 Giżycko on a Disco Wave Boyen Fortress Zenek Martyniuk, Sławomir (tickets)

4-5 MAZURY AIRSHOW Jubilee 20th edition of airshow on Niegocin lake: “100 years of independence and 100 years of air force” (viewpoints with comments by Tadeusz Sznuk city beach, Giżycko pier, Port Ekomarina Giżycko and St. Bruno’s Hill)

9-12 “OPERATION BOYEN 2018” historic and military picnic, dioramas, 3D cinema in the dome, creative artistic and ecological workshops, CONCERT “Vivat the IndependentChamber Orchestra Progress, exhibition of accordions at the Armourer’s Workshop, show of military equipment and drill of the 15th Armoured Brigade in Giżycko, shooting practice “Laser shooting simulator Wisła” – GROM Foundation, 11 August, military parade from the Port Passage and an international historic reconstruction of THE BATTLE OF BOYEN FORTRESS” (entry tickets)

11-12 Poland’s International Championship in DZ class 24h race, Kisajno lake

17-19 Poland’s International Championship of Cabin Yachts Port Ekomarina

18 FAMILY PICNIC attractions for children under the patronage of the mayor of Giżycko, city beach

19-23 15th Jubilee Mazurian Handball Festival for girls and boys, sports arenas of MOSiR, ZSKŚiA, COS-OPO

24-26 Eberspächer Mazurian Cup Poland’s Championship of the Optimist Class Society, Niegocin lake by Ekomarina

25 “COLOURFUL END TO SUMMER HOLIDAYS” Laser and firework festival and Explosion of Colours city beach, Led Robot Show, CONCERTS GROMEE, Matt5ki, Diabllo aka Coorby, CAŁA GÓRA BARWINKÓW

25.08 (until 2.09) Mazury Curling Festival 31.08-2.09 Mazury Curling Cup Tournament – Mazurian Centre of Ice Sports


2 Mazurian Cycling Race MTB, city forest

4 Open Day at Boyen Fortress on the 174th anniversary of laying the foundation stone for the 19th century fortress, presentation of Polish silent films and live music


7-9 Fortress Fantasy Festival Boyen Fortress (tickets)

14-16 Poland’s Sailing Championship for Seniors 60+, Kisajno lake MCŻiTW

21-23 Bicycle Rally “Following Mazurian Legends” – LOT Mazury

22-23 Angling Competition „Drapieżnik”, Dargin lake

22-23 HISTORIC VEHICLES SHOW Mazury 2018 Boyen Fortress

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